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4 Responses to “Connect”

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  1. maria ciringione says:

    Hi mary,
    必赢国际线上娱乐网址 I want to thank you .. I was blessed to find an article you wrote on Why God does not heal everyone….what a gift you gave me today .. it was exactly what I needed to read to remind me to trust God … thank you so much

    • says:

      Hi Maria, You can’t imagine how much it encouraged me to receive this note! Knowing God is using these articles to touch people’s lives is what keeps me going … and the greatest reward I can receive! Thank you for taking the time to write and tell me。 It means so much。

  2. says:

    Thanks sister Mary for your cursory review of Job, I suffered recently and got the challenge of just being tested. For 6 months my head was stuffed up with sinusitus that only obedience to ENT specialist cleared up. PTL! The answer led me to more discipline in prayer! Bless you.

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